Lisp dialect which provides explicit parallel processing

  • Iwasaki Hideya, Terada Minoru, Yuasa Kei "mUtilisp on the UNIX Operating System" view details Abstract: mUtilisp is a Lisp dialect which provides explicit parallel processing. In this paper, we describe the mUtilisp system on the Sun-3 UNIX operating system, and propose a method of process management and its implementation on a single processor machine. A process, which is a parallel flow of control within a UNIX process, is managed both by the mUtilisp interpreter and by a special process called the scheduler. The mUtilisp interpreter implements process switch by several reasons including preemption, treats some internal/external events, and sends messages to the scheduler according to the events. The scheduler manages other processes at the Lisp program level. Various tools such as stepper can be realized on these methods of process management.
          in IPSJ SIGNotes SYMbol manipulation Abstract No.048 - 003 view details