Multivariate Statistical Package 

for Littauer Multivariate Statistical Package

Wayne Wittanen, Littauer Statistical Laboratory, Harvard 1960

  • Hoodes, R. A.; Wegner, P.; Wiitanen, W. "The MUSP statistical system" view details Abstract: This paper describes the Littauer Multivariate Statistical Package (MUSP). MUSP consists of a package of statistical subroutines for performing correlation, regression, discriminant analysis and factor analysis. Non-symmetric eigenvalue analysis, tetrachoric correlation, partial correlation, canonical correlation, and missing observation analysis may also be performed. The major statistical subroutines are listed below for purposes of reference and indeed form the principle substantive contribution of this paper. However, there are also a number of novel features in the MUSP control language. This paper will attempt to show how the MUSP subroutines are embedded in the control system.
          in Proceedings of the 16th ACM National Conference, January 1961 view details