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  • Tagg, Roger M. "Interfacing a query language to a CODASYL DBMS" pp46-64 view details Extract: EASYTRIEVE
    FOCUS is a self-contained data management and reporting system marketed by Information Builders Incorporated. It also has a number of interfaces allowing it to retrieve data from databases such as IMS (DL/I), TOTAL, ADABAS and IDMS, the last of these being a CODASYL system. When using FOCUS as a query language for IDMS the user has to think in terms of FOCUS data structures - these are segment hierarchies (like DL/I) which can be 'rehung' to provide inverted views. Although the actual data is in IDMS, the user is unaware of the IDMS structure. Only when a totally new view is required does the user (or database administrator) have to set up a new FOCUS description and the correspondence rules stating how the IDMS structure is to be traversed. Pansophic's EASYTRIEVE also has an IDMS interface with a somewhat similar approach.
          in ACM SIGMOD Record 13(03) April 1983 view details
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      "Piscopo started Pansophic with $150,000 in funding from his family and friends. The company struggled for several months before focusing on the software products business. Pansophic's major products were PANVALET, a source program and change management system, and EASYTRIEVE, a report writer and data retrieval system. Each product was installed at more than 10,000 mainframe computer sites. Pansophic was sold to Computer Associates in 1991 for $300 million."external link