Hybrid of SIMULA and Pascal

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  • Malloy, Brian; Soffa, Mary Lou "SIMCAL: the merger of Simula and Pascal" view details Abstract: Simulation languages, although expressively powerful, usually require a large overhead to learn. In addition, compilers for the languages may be unavailable for a particular computer or may be too expensive. In this work, we develop a process-oriented simulation language, Simcal, based on standard Pascal and extended to directly incorporate the simulation primitives found in Simula. We show that the implementation of Simcal only requires a standard Pascal compiler. The combination of Pascal and Simula provides the simulation modeler with a readily accessible, powerful language for writing simulation programs. The language is currently implemented on a micro computer using a Pascal preprocessor.
          in The 18th Winter Simulation Conference 8-10 December 1986 Radisson Mark Plaza Hotel, Washington, DC view details
  • Malloy, B. A. and Soffa, M.L. "Simcal: An Efficient Simulation Language" view details
          in Proceedings of Eighteenth Annual Modeling and Simulation Conference, April 1987, Pittsburgh PA view details