for Conceptual Thought, Random-Net Simulation

  • Malin, David "CONTRANS (Conceptual Thought, Random-Net Simulation)" p124 view details Abstract: CONTRANS is a computer simulation of a physiologically oriented reasoning and problem-solving model. The model employs several layers of semi-random nets to recognize and associate sensory patterns, a screen-like memory and representation medium, and several motor functions enabling the nets to control scanning of the memory. Meaningful assemblies of data are created and manipulated by the model which then utilizes them to modify its own ability to handle future data.

    Data and heuristic principles accumulate as stored results of past experience. Two kinds of logical operations are employed; one to explore the data rapidly to evaluate tentative strategies and solutions, the other to proceed by demonstrable intermediate steps, creating progressive intermediate goals.

          in [AFIPS JCC 21] Proceedings of the 1962 Spring Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco, Ca. SJCC 1962 view details