USS 90 Algol(ID:5959/)

Algol for the USS 90 

Algol 60 for the USS 90, with specific IO and Algebra features

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ALGOL 60 => USS 90 Algol   Implementation

  • Petrone, L. "An algebraic compiler for the USS 90". Atti del convegno sui linguaggi simbolici di programmazione. AICA, Jan. 1962, pp80-82. (Italian) view details
  • Coss, R. N. review of Petrone 1962 view details Abstract: This compiler is an adaptation of ALGOL 60 for the USS 90, a computer with card input having a 5000-cell memory on magnetic drum. Some of the features of the compiler are the ALGOL statement structure, compound and conditional statements, blocks, levels of nomenclature, and procedure declarations. Limitations exist on word length, length of arithmetic expressions, and nesting capabilities. It permits omission of the multiplication sign unless the factors are two identifiers or an identifier and a number. A tracing mode is provided. For the details, none of which the article under review contains, the reader is referred to an extant manual.
          in ACM Computing Reviews 4(01) January-February, 1963 view details