Algol for the ICL Distributed Array Processor, replacement language for DAP-Fortran

  • LM Delves and SC Mawdsley "DAP-Algol: a development system for parallel algorithms" pp148-153 view details Abstract: This paper describes a programming language and environment, 'DAP-Algol', which provides convenient facilities for developing, testing, and timing parallel algorithms for an SIMD machine such as the ICL Distributed Array Processor, and which can be run on any serial machine supporting the language (Algol 68) in which the system is coded. The facilities provided are modelled closely on those provided in DAP-FORTRAN, and so the system is particularly convenient as a development system for DAP programmes; however, the principles involved in providing the facilities apply equally well to other parallel languages of similar structure, such as ACTUS or FORTRAN 8X.

          in The Computer Journal 28(2) May 1985 view details