Modelling language from the Tech U Twente

  • Arno P.J. Breunese and Jan F. Broenink "Modeling mechatronic systems using the SIDOPS+ language" Proceedings of ICBGM'97, 3rd International Conference on Bond Graph Modeling and Simulation, Phoenix, Arizona, January 12-15, 1997, SCS Publishing, San Diego, California, Simulation Series, Vol.29, No.1, view details Abstract: Automated modeling is a field of research that is subject to considerable evolution. Both the in-crease in available computer power and better insight in the modeling and design process lead to a stream of new opportunities for automated modeling support. To make this support possible, a language is needed that forms the medium for the exchange of information between the computer and the user. In this paper, we propose the SIDOPS+ model descrip-tion language that not only covers state of the art automated modeling techniques, but that also provides open-ness towards future developments.