Georgia Lockheed version of FLAIR 

for Fully Automatic Coding System

Georgia Lockeed version of FLAIR

Related languages
FLAIR => FACS   Implementation

  • Bemer, R "ISO TC97/SC5/WGA(1) Survey of Programming Languages and Processors" December 1962 view details
          in [ACM] CACM 6(03) (Mar 1963) view details
  • Bemer, R. W. "Programming Aids and Applications: Nearly 650 Memories of the 650" pp68-69 view details Extract: PRINT I
    In December 1955, I left the 650 world by joining IBM to write a processor for doing scientific work on the IBM 705, which was a decimal and alphanumeric machine designed originally for commercial work. PRINT I was a considerable step up from the system we had done for the 650. Although PRINT I was interpretive in execution, an initial process removed as much redundancy as possible from the executing program. PRINT was also the first load-and-go system.
    PRINT I was designed and built in the same office complex as FORTRAN, and I watched that work with interest. Design started in December 1955. I gave a talk to the Western JCC in February 1956. PRINT I was field operational by August. Obviously it was time for new work!

          in Annals of the History of Computing, 08(1) January 1986 (IBM 650 Issue) view details