Descriptive FORTRAN from NU 

from DESCRIPtive TRANslator or DESCRIPtive forTRAN

Raymond Kliphardt, Northwestern University, 1963  

set of extensions to FORTRAN to permit automated descriptive geometry in turn designed to make it possible to solve geometrical problems automatically

  • Kliphardt, Raymond A. "DESCRIPTRAN - automated descriptive geometry" pp336-339 view details Abstract: Descriptive geometry consists of procedures originally designed to solve 3-space geometry problems by graphical constructions and measurement instead of by computation. However, in addition to this it unifies and simplifies the approach to many such problems. When one can call subroutines that compute new coordinates that correspond to those obtainable from the graphical constructions, there is the three-way advantage of the approach of descriptive geometry, the accuracy of computation and the speed of the digital computer. DESCRIPTRAN makes it possible to program many problems in 3-space with a few statements; it consists of 15 subroutines analogous to the procedures of descriptive geometry. DOI
          in [ACM] CACM 6(06) (June 1963) view details