UNIVAC 1108 ALGOL(ID:6638/uni024)

Algol 60 revised with string handling and hardware specific capabilities (io etc)

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ALGOL 60 Revised => UNIVAC 1108 ALGOL   Implementation

  • Christiansen, J. "Procedures for use in UNIVAC ALGOL" Volume 1 OsloNorwegian Computing Centre 1966 view details
  • Univac 1108 Multi-processor System - System Description view details pdf Extract: UNIVAC 1108 ALGOL
    The ALGOL language allows the mathematician or engineer to prepare programs for the UNIVAC 1108 without the necessity of becoming familiar with the details of the internal machine operation.    The ALGOL  compiler then generates, from this pseudo-mathematical source language, efficient coding in a relocatable binary format acceptable to the Executive for execution, the filing system for cataloging and filing, or both.
    The basis for the UNIVAC 1108 ALGOL is the "Revised Report on the Algorithmic Language, ALGOL 60" (Communications of the ACM, Vol. 6, January 1963, 1-17).
    UNIVAC  1108 ALGOL is an extended hardware representation of ALGOL 60 designed to employ the UNIVAC 1108 processor and associated peripheral equipment efficiently. Certain extensions to basic ALGOL have been made.   It can handle the powerful input/output logic; it has the ability to name strings; and it is capable of performing complex and double precision arithmetic.