UNIVAC 1108 APT III(ID:6640/uni025)


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  • Univac 1108 Multi-processor System - System Description view details pdf Extract: UNIVAC APT IIII
    Automatically programmed tools (APT) is a system for the computer-assisted programming of numerically controlled machine tools:  flame cutters, drafting machines, and similar equipment.   It is production-oriented, written to take full advantage of numerically controlled techniques in engineering and manufacturing with the least expenditure of effort, time, and money.
    APT enhances most of the usual advantages found in numerical control:    reduced lead time, greater design freedom and flexibility, lower direct costs, greater accuracy, improved production forecasting, lower tooling costs, better engineering control of the manufacturing process, and simplified instruction of changes.
    The APT III program  represents over 100 man-years of development and testing. After extensive experience with an earlier program, APT II, the Aerospace Industries Association made a new start and wrote APT III from the beginning, during the calendar year 1961.    At the completion of this package, APT III was turned over to the Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute for further development   under the APT Long-Range Program (ALRP).    Standard versions of APT are available to UNIVAC 1108 installations without payment of any royalty or fee.    Participation in IITRI activities and access to their experimental versions of APT require membership in the APT long-range program.
    Univac participated in the original writing of APT III and has been a member of the APT  long-range program   from   the beginning.   Numerical control specialists are continually working to keep the UNIVAC 1108 APT program in the forefront of the art.    As implemented on the UNIVAC 1108 System APT III will continue to conform to the latest APT long-range program specifications.