for Wittman-lngerman threshold selection

  • Wittman, Barry A. and Ingerman, Peter Zilahy "A threshold selection language" pp311-316 view details Abstract: The notion of selection of an element from a set of
    elements is quite simple: each element of the set is
    inspected to see if it satisfies some previously specified
    criteria and is accepted (selected) if it does; rejected
    if not. A complete selection is the set of all
    accepted elements, a subset of the original data base.
    This definition of selection implicitly rules out
    such criteria as "'pick an element" for we propose not
    to deal with selections which can be equated with
    random selection. Such problems do not concern us
    overmuch as these selections can be performed in a
    rather trivial way. We Shall consider such criteria
    "deviant" and cause the entire data base to be selected
    since each element of the data base satisfies the
    criterion "pick an element".

          in Proceedings of the 22nd national ACM conference 1967, Washington, D.C. view details