OSIRIS IV(ID:6906/osi004)

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  • "Osiris IV: Statistical Analysis and Data Management Software System" Survey Research Center Staff, University of Michigan, Institute for Social Research view details
  • Rattenbury, Judith; Pelletier, Paula and Laura Klem "Computer processing of social science data using OSIRIS IV" Ann Arbor MI Survey Research Center Institute for Social Research University of Michigan 1984 view details
  • Lepkowski, James M. "THE USE OF OSIRIS IV TO ANALYZE COMPLEX SAMPLE SURVEY DATA" view details Abstract: Sample surveys, with complex sample designs
    involving multistage selection and weighting, are
    often conducted to provide estimates of
    descriptive measures for a finite population.
    Increasingly, complex survey sample data are being
    used in analyses that may require estimates that
    are not descriptive nor simple in form. The
    application of analytic techniques to sample
    survey datasets has raised a number of questions
    about the appropriate analytical strategy to be
    followed. The controversy has created confusion
    for the survey analyst, not only about appropriate
    strategies, but also about the availability of
    statistical software to conduct recommended

          in Proceedings of the Survey Research Methods Section, ASA 1989 view details