Visual macro system 

A GRAPHO is a visual macro. GRAPHOS is a visual macro system

  • Lazik, George L. "GRAPHOS: A macro directed system for two-dimensional syntax translation" pp35-47 1972 view details Abstract: A system is presented which translates two-dimensional syntax into a one-dimensional form. The concept of a macro is extended so as to be applicable to these two-dimensional forms. The translation process is controlled by a set of user-defined graphical-macros or ?graphos?. These graphos are interactively defined on a graphics terminal and placed in a set of master tables. Two-dimensional expressions are then constructed on the graphics terminal. The system translates these expressions by interpreting the user's grapho definitions. These definitions specify the final form of the output which is one-dimensional text suitable as source input to a higher-level language processor. The organization of the GRAPHOS system is discussed, and examples of grapho definitions and their expansions are presented. DOI
          in Proceedings of the SIGPLAN symposium on Two-dimensional man-machine communication 1972 , Los Alamos, New Mexico, United States view details