Small Euclid(ID:7312/sma025)

Testing susbset of Euclid 

Subset of Euclid, source language for converter to PASCAL

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Euclid => Small Euclid   Subset

  • Pintelas, P. E.; Ventouris, K. P. and Papassimakopoulou, M. D. ""A translator from small euclid to pascal" pp93-101 view details Abstract: This paper describes the design and implementation of a translator from Small Euclid, an extended subset of the system programming language Euclid, to Pascal. The translator is built with the help of the tools LEX and YACC and consists of three different passes each of which performs some transformations to the input program. During the translation of an input program no intermediate code is generated but the translation to Pascal is direct. The translator performs lexical and syntactic checks and a restricted number of semantic checks before producing an equivalent program in Pascal. The differences between Small Euclid and Pascal are identified and translation proposals are discussed while details of the translator's internal structures and its perfonance are given. DOI
          in SIGPLAN Notices 24(05) May 1989 view details