Fischer IT(ID:7324/fis004)

Enhanced IT3 

IT modified by Patrick Fischer to permit advanced scientific calculations - influencial on MAD.

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IT 3 => Fischer IT   Augmentation of
Fischer IT => MAD   Implementation

  • Fischer, Patrick C. "Automatic propagated and round-off error analysis" view details Abstract: The routine described below is a modification of the Carnegie Tech (IT) Compiler system for the IBM-650, which will provide automatic empirical analysis of propagated and round-off errors in computation. In the modified system, three kinds of variables are admissable: fixed-point integers called I-variables; floating-point numbers called C-variables, which are considered to be exact values; and 2-word variables called Y-variables, in which one word is a floating-point number which represents the value of the variable and the other word represents a bound upon the propagated and round-off error present in that value. Statements written in the IT language may refer to any or all of these classes of variables. During the execution phase of a program, computation proceeds in typical fashion, except that each time a Y-variable is operated upon by the program, its error term is modified so as to represent a valid bound upon propagated and round-off error in the variable. DOI
          in Preprints of papers presented at the 13th national meeting of the Association for Computing Machinery, June 11-13, 1958, Urbana, Illinois view details
  • Carr, John W., III "Recursive subscripting compilers and list-type memories" pp4-6 view details
          in [ACM] CACM 2(02) February 1959 view details