Three part graphic language system based on a SIMPLE preprocessor set for PL/I

Developed by George at Stanford SLAC, but emphasis shifted when George went to Colorado where they didn't have PL/I for the CDC there.

Related languages
GLAF => GEM   Evolution of
SIMPLE => GEM   Written using
GEM => lc   Subsystem
GEM => ld   Subsystem
GEM => lg   Subsystem

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    GEMS is an implementation of the model presented in Section 2; it was implemented in PL/I on an IBM 360/91. GEMS is implemented as three language preprocessors which translate the descriptions into PL/I programs which can then be compiled. The three language pre-processors are the control language (Lc), the definition language (Ld) and the graphical language (Lg); these pre-processors are implemented using SIMPLE (George 1971a) I and a procedure library for accessing the data structure.
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