Java Expert System Shell 

for Java Expert System Shell

Java clone of CLIPS, with some OO extensions, can call Java (or be called by Java) as well

Ernest J. Friedman-Hill, Sandia National Laboratories 1995

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CLIPS => JESS   Implementation

  • Friedmann-Hill, E.J. Jess, The Java Expert System Shell, 1999 view details
  • Van Laerhoven, Kristof "Comparison of the CLIPS and JESS expert system shells" Project report for Industrial Applications of AI June 4, 1999 view details External link: Online copy
  • Friedman-Hill, Ernest "Jess in Action: Rule-Based Systems in Java" Manning Publications July 2003 view details
    • JESS page at FreshMeat
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    • Rule-based languages for Expert Systems (Haley Enterprises)
      JESS by Sandia National Laboratories
      Developed by an employee of Sandia National Laboratories, JESS is a Java version of NASA's CLIPS that has added a few more of the capabilities and performance characteristics of contemporary, commercial rule engines. Its syntax remains roughly CLIPS compatible but has added some of the extensions first introduced in Eclipse by The Haley Enterprise. JESS is not public domain or open-source like CLIPS but can be download at no charge for academic use. Therefore, it is also popular for college-level courses on rule-based programming, where the obvious choice for the textbook would be Jess in Action: Rule-Based Systems in Java.

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