Simulation language 

for DIgital ANalog

analog simulation system

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DDA => DIAN   follow-up to

  • Farris, George J.; and Burkhart, Lawrence E. "The DIAN digital simulation program". Simulation 6(5) (May 1966), pp998-304. view details Abstract: The DIAN program imparts a novel and interesting flavor to digital simulation. Whereas MIDAS, DAS, ASTRAL, and the rest of the "digital analog simulators" were "cooked-up" to the taste of those with analog computer backgrounds, DIAN has been seasoned for those with previous Digital Differential Analyzer (DDA) experience. Among its important features, eve call attention to the boundary value problem cape. bility illustrating a powerful digital simulation technique for performing program-controlled response testing, problem iteration. and optimization. The excellent features and past applications qualify DIAS as a significant contribution to the increasing list of digital simulation programs.