Boeing Matrix algebra language 

for Matrix Analysis Language

  • [Boeing Co., Seattle, Wash] Matrix Analysis Language (MAL) M70-10024 view details Abstract: A tool is provided for engineering personnel which will aid them in the processing of matrix information. The user need only have a basic understanding of digital computers and have been exposed to a basic computer language. In addition, he should have a working knowledge of matrices and matrix operations. The program accepts matrix-oriented statements, analyzes them, and outputs a FORTRAN program which will accomplish the desired results. The language is flexible enough to handle any problem, from a small, simple one, to a large, complex one. Numerous operations are performed in one statement, thereby decreasing the number of statements required and the number of intermediate matrices needed. The elements of any matrix are limited to single precision, real numbers. The number of matrices defined in one run is limited to 300. The size of the matrices used is limited. No definite limit can be imposed, but, as a guide. the number of elements in any one matrix should not exceed 6400.

          in Computer Program Abstracts Cumulative Issue July 15, 1969 -- July 15, 1971 view details