Algebraic manipulation system 

for MultiProcessing Algebra Data Tool

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    For many professionals, the biggest mathematical need is number crunching, the ability to perform complex calculations, typically on large data sets. While Maple and Mathematica have vastly improved their number-crunching speeds over the years, there is no question that for serious numerical calculations you want to use either custom C programming or else use programs written in one of the mathematical programming languages that are matrix based.

    The leading such language is MATLAB ($1,900 for the base product; toolboxes run from $500-$1000 or more each), which has oodles of functions and lots of toolboxes containing additional specialized routines and functions.

    With several toolboxes added, MATLAB can be quite pricey, which makes the $265 O-Matrix an attractive alternative to consider. In compatibility mode, O-Matrix will run Matlab mfiles that use functions in the extensive O-Matrix library, which includes Matrix and special functions, ODE solvers, and 2D and 3D plots.
    Another Matrix language is Octave.