Lampson interactive debugging environment 

Interactive assembly system devised by Lampson at Berkeley to be used as a debugging aid

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  • Brown, Peter "A survey of macro processors" pp37-88 view details Extract: IMP
    A different example of a macro-assembler exploiting its base language
    dependence is illustrated by the IMP system described by Lampson.
    In IMP the macro processor and assembler operate simultaneously,
    both using the same dictionary. The assembler is one-pass, and the
    loader deals with the problem of forward references. There is no
    difference between macro variables and assembly language variables.
    The EQU statement, familiar in many assemblers, acts as a macrotime
    assignment statement, and the value of a variable may be redefined
    any number of times using this statement. The occurrence of a variable
    name in the label field of an instruction causes the current value of the location counter to be assigned to the variable in the normal way. When the name of a variable occurs as part of an execution-time instruction, the current value of the variable is substituted in its place.
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    Lampson (1965) describes a system allowing interactive machine language programming, developed at the University of California, Berkeley;
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