Pop on the Mac 

Pop-11 for Macintosh

Rudi Lutz and Ben Rubinstein, Cognitive Applications, 1986-7

Cognitive Applications Inc UK and Computable Functions Inc. (Rest of world)

Developed for internal purposed, but sold to interested people, ran under System 7, but never apparently further developed (see posting below)

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Pop-11 => AlphaPop   Implementation of

  • FAQ
    Alphapop was a Mac based version of a subset of pop-11 (e.g. not
    including lexically scoped variables), developed and sold by Cognitive
    Applications in the late 1980s, but has not been updated for the latest
    versions of the Mac operating system and used an out of date C compiler.
    If they put the sources in the public domain perhaps someone will bring
    it up to date.

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