SPL/MK II(ID:8219/)

for Space programming language/Mark 2

Mark II of SPL

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SPL/MK II => SPL/MK IV   Evolution of

  • Rubey, R.J. "Flight computer and language processor study" Logicon, Inc. report No. CS-68G3-RO127 September 30 1968 view details
  • Space Programming Language/Mark II (SPL/MK II) Programmer's Manual, Final rept. Jan-Oct69, System Development Corp., Santa Monica, Calif. Feb 1970, SAMSO-TR-69-421 view details Abstract: The document is a reference programmer's manual for .Space Programming Language/Mark 2 (SPL/MK 2), a subset of Space Programming Language/JOVIAL 6. SPL/MK 2 has been implemented on the IBM 36/65 and compiles code for the IBM 360 and UN1VAC 1824 computers. The manual includes a description of all the basic language forms, their interpretation. numerous examples, and compiler diagnostics.
  • "Space Programming Language Development", SAMSO TP 70-325, System Development Corp (Sep 1970). view details