CEDEX MIMD language(ID:8272/)

Unnamed language in Adelantado 1985 for MIMD work

  • Adelantado, M. ; D. Comte and P. Siron Ph. Berger Expression of concurrency and parallelism in an MIMD environment Computer Physics Communications 37(1-3) July 1985, pp63-67 view details Abstract: The MIMD approach is a realistic and cost-effective means to increase computer performance, avoiding major inefficiencies of current pipelined supercomputers. We are studying several MIMD computer organizations and a control language allowing parallel programming.

    Firstly, we briefly present our language characteristic and capabilities: in our approach, a program can be viewed as a collection of computational tasks, together with a sequencing task, which expresses dependences among them and thus shows concurrency and synchronization.

    In order to illustrate the programming methodology in our MIMD environment, we consider a program, called PASFR, taken from actual applications in numerical areas (finite difference method). In this paper, our concern is to examine several possible descriptions of the same program, in terms of algorithmic tasks, and the corresponding expression of the flow of control between them. In other words, we present different decomposition schemes of this application into concurrent tasks, which essentially depend on the size of the elementary tasks.

    We then compare the behaviour of each version, in terms of effective performance, running each one on our architecture simulator.

    Finally, we propose some optimization strategies for speed enhancement, based on data-transfer improvement.
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