Chrysler 650 Autocode 

for Keep It Short and Simple

Autocoder for IBM 650 developed by Chrysler

Ported to 704 by Computer Usage

  • Bemer, R W "Techniques Department Editor's Notes" view details Abstract: This month's issue includes a rework of the chart on machine language simulation originally published
    in Issue 2. Some new information has been obtained which warrants a re-issuance. Further information
    is welcomed; just write details or send manuals to this department. Simulators which are thought
    to exist but for which I have no information are:
    650 on the 704 MURA
    650 on the 701 Chance-Vought
    650 on the 205 (Believed to be AVCO)
    Some information has been contributed on simulation of non-machine language on a different computer
    than that for which it was originated, but this may be considered a writing a specific processor for that
    language upon that particular machine.
          in [ACM] CACM 1(11) (October 1958) view details
  • [Bemer, RW] [State of ACM automatic coding library May 1959] view details Extract: Obiter Dicta
    Bob Bemer states that this table (which appeared sporadically in CACM) was partly used as a space filler. The last version was enshrined in Sammet (1969) and the attribution there is normally misquoted.
          in [ACM] CACM 2(05) May 1959 view details