Calculus of Communicating Systems 

for Calculus of Communicating Systems.

Related languages
Behaviour Algebra => CCS   Precursor
CCS => A#   Based on
CCS => CSP + T   Influence
CCS => Facile   Influence
CCS => PFL   Incorporated features of
CCS => value-passing CCS   Evolution of
CCS => ZCCS   Incorporated some features of

  • "A Calculus of Communicating Systems", LNCS 92, Springer 1980. view details
  • Walker, D. "Introduction to a Calculus of Communicating Systems" LFCS report ECS-LFCS-86-22 view details Abstract: In December 1986 the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science in Edinburgh ran a one-week course for industrial and academic computer scientists entitled "Foundations of Concurrent Programming''. This course was designed to provide an introduction to Robin Milner's Calculus of Communicating Systems (CCS). The bulk of the material presented was drawn from a set of lecture notes written by Milner in the autumn of 1986, these being a development and refinement of their author's monograph "A Calculus of Communicating Systems'' published by Springer-Verlag in 1980. Milner's notes provide both a description of the calculus and a full account of its mathematical foundations. Their comprehensive nature, however, does not help to make them an ideal introduction to the calculus for a reader not primarily interested in the underlying mathematics. These notes are intended to provide such an introduction. External link: Purchase online
  • Milner, R. "Communication and Concurrency", P-H 1989. view details