for Relational Pascal

Pascal with relational database constructs added. The first successful integrated database language.

Related languages
Pascal (Jensen and Wirth) => Pascal/R   Extension of
Pascal/R => DBPL   Successor
Pascal/R => Modula/R   Successor
Pascal/R => PLAIN   Citation

  • Schmidt, Joachim W. "Some high level language constructs for data of type relation" pp247-261 view details Abstract: For the extension of high level languages by data types of mode relation, three language constructs are proposed and discussed: a repetition statement controlled by relations, predicates as a generalization of Boolean expressions, and a constructor for relations using predicates. The language constructs are developed step by step starting with a set of elementary operations on relations. They are designed to fit into PASCAL without introducing too many additional concepts.

          in ACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS), 2(3) Sept. 1977 view details
  • Schmidt, J.W. et al, "Pascal/R Report", U Hamburg, Fachbereich Informatik, Report 66, Jan 1980 view details
          in ACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS), 2(3) Sept. 1977 view details
  • Schmidt Joachim W. Data abstraction tools: Design, specification and application Proceedings of the 1980 workshop on Data abstraction, databases and conceptual modeling International Conference on Management of Data Pingree Park, Colorado, United States Pages: 186 - 188 1981 view details Abstract: Current research in data modeling is motivated by the following dilemma: - At the application level - being confronted with ?slices of reality? - details are perceived that, in general, cannot be represented. - At the representation level - being confronted with ?levels of machines? - details are represented that, in general, cannot be perceived. Abstraction methods cope with that problem by suppressing unnecessary details and by formalizing and structuring the relevant information. External link: Online copy
          in ACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS), 2(3) Sept. 1977 view details
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