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341 Charles Baker

Charles Baker

Charles L. Baker was active in the field of computer science for more than 25
years. During this period he directed and participated in systems analysis,
design, and computer programming projects in the application areas of aircraft
and aerospace engineering, oceanography, meteorology, military command and
control, antisubmarine war- fare, economic modeling and forecasting, and
business-data processing. In addition, he participated in all phases of computer
software specification and development for both batch and on-line interactive
systems, including operating systems, compilers, assemblers, and data management
components. He was Senior Technical Director at Ocean Data Systems, Inc., where
his responsibilities included design and development of multiuser interactive
color graphics systems .

He holds a B.S. in Physics from MIT (1951) and has had graduate studies in
Aerospace Engineering and Numerical Analysis at UCLA (1952-1954). In 1955, while
working for Douglas Aircraft, he was a delegate to the Project for the
Advancement of Coding Techniques (PACT). He worked on the CPC I and CPC II
calculators and installed the Douglas IBM 701 system. From 1956 to 1967 he
worked for the RAND Corporation. Among his activities were: project leader for
the JOSS II on-line computer service; coordinating the research to determine the
nature and extent of computer problem-solving support required. Technical
activities included design and specification of the JOSS II remote typewriter
console, interfaced to the computer through a unique private-wire installation
which distributes "JOSS computer-power" automatically to any of 300 individual
wall outlets in the RAND complex. As part of responsibility for operational
evaluation of JOSS as implemented on RAND's JOHNNIAC computer, supervised
production of, wrote script for, and appeared as narrator in a film, JOSS.

During period 1956 through 1961, he programmed the Information Processing
Language Five (IPL-V) system for the IBM 704, 709, 7090, and 7044 series of
machines, specified many features of the final, complete system, and
participated in the preparation of the IPL Users' Manual As first acting
secretary of SHARE, he organized the SHARE Operating System working group which
produced the first large-scale operating system, SOS for the IBM 709. He group
which submitted the initial proposal for the Modify and Load concept which was
adopted as the basis for the SHARE Assembler, Compiler, and Translator, features
of which are incorporated into all current computer operating systems.



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