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347 Roy Nutt

Founder of CSC, and contributor to FORTRAN as well as deisgner of FACT and SAP. Another person who was instrumental in the creation of three of the great languages streams.

From CSC's page:

"In April 1959, Roy Nutt and Fletcher Jones, both in their late 20s, formed Computer Sciences Corporation with $100 and a contract from Honeywell to develop a business-language compiler called FACT. Formerly with United Aircraft Corp., Nutt had developed the first widely accepted assembly program, called SAP, and had been a member of the small IBM team that had developed FORTRAN. Jones came from North American Aviation Corp., where he had managed a divisional computer center"

From Software History Centre:

"Fletcher Jones and Roy Nutt founded Computer Sciences Corporation in 1956 and much of CSC's early success was built on developing systems software such as compilers. In the late 1950s, there were only a handful of computer manufacturers and they bundled applications, operating systems, and hardware. Aside from government contracts, there wasn't a large market for software developed by independent software companies.

One of CSC's first contracts came about because Fletcher Jones learned Sperry-Rand (Univac) was developing a new generation of computers, which meant it would need an operating system and compilers. Jones arranged to be booked on a long airline flight in the seat next to the CEO of Sperry. After a few hours of discussion, CSC had a contract to write system software for Univac computers. CSC eventually wrote COBOL compilers and several operating systems"