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655 Roy Goldfinger

Roy Goldfinger was born in New York City, N. Y., on March 9, 1925. He received the B.A. degree in mathematics from the University of California in 1948.
In 1952 he joined the AEC Computing Facility at New York University, N. Y., where he authored the N.Y.U. Compiler, an automatic coding system for UNIVAC I. He joined the IBM Company in 1954. At: IBM he designed and implemented the first Autocoder for the IBM 705, a system of symbolic coding which introduced the concepts of literals, macro-instructions, and generalized the call of data by name rather than by relative or absolute location. Subsequently, he led the effort which specified the Commercial Translator language. He is currently manager of the Programming Language Department at IBM.
Mr. Goldfinger is a member of the Association for: Computing Machinery and the Chairman of the1. CODASYL Language Structure Committee.