Proceedings of the 1959 Computer Applications Symposium, Armour Research Foundation, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Ill., Oct. 29, 1959


Amour Research Foundation Computer Applications Symposiums  
  • Albertson , E.J. (1959) Albertson , E.J. "Current Developments in Common Language Programming for Business Data Systems"
  • Atchison, William F. (1959) Atchison, William F. "Training [at the Georgia Institute of Technology] for Engineering and Scientific Applications via Compilers, Interpreters, and Assemblers"
  • Katz, Charles (1959) Katz, Charles "The international algebraic language and the future of programming"
  • Ross, D. T. (1959) Ross, D. T. "The design and use of the APT language for automatic programming of numerically controlled machine tools"