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1990s languages
Post-Cold War
Fifth generation

Explore languages for 1992 and Specialised Languages

AML/V    1992 Robotics   United States   Robotics vision language 
CAL    1992 Sound-Performance   United States   Music language for Cakewalk 
Code 2.0    1992 2-D Graphic Languages   United States    
CUBE    1992 3-D Visual Languages   United States   Three-dimensional visual language for higher-order logic 
Ginger    1992   United Kingdom   Simple functional language with parallel constructs 
Hi-Visual    1992   Japan    
Kevo    1992 Prototyping   Finland   Stack and prototype-based object-oriented language 
LACE    1992   United States   Language for Assembling Classes in Eiffel 
Law-Governed Linda    1992   United States    
MELFA    1992 Robotics   Japan   Mitsubishi Robotics language 
Object CHILL    1992 Pascals   International    
Pictorial Janus    1992   United States    
USSA    1992   United States   OO state language